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"Training Tips"

1. Know what you are going to train before you start the session. Have a lesson plan.

2. Keep your training sessions short.......five, ten, or fifteen minutes.

3. Try not to train alone. A training partner can be helpful, assisting with observation, equipment and a ton of other things.

4. Reward the behaviour you are trying to train. If you're working a sequence and having difficulty with a portion of it, break it down, reward the difficult behaviour when you get it......don't continue the sequence and lose the opportunity to reward.

5. Be careful of what and when you reward. If you're asking for obstacle focus and rewarding handler focus, or vice versa......that's a problem. Really think about the timing and placement of your reward.

6. Incorporate training in everyday activities with your dog. For example, when you're on your walks, work on your sit stays, front crosses, rear crosses. Be inventive.

7. Train in as many different locations as possible.

8. Always end your training sessions on a high note. You want your dog looking forward to the next time when it's time to train.

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